Poland: Krystian Ochman seems to be the chosen one!

Despite the rumors that existed all the previous time and wanted Daria with Paranoia to be the one who will represent Poland in Eurovision 2022, a safe information we have received, states that in the end Krystian Ochman is the one who will go to Turin.

Many fans in Poland wanted Krystian Ochman to represent the country in the contest, especially after his victory in The Voice of Poland, which by the way is broadcast on public television. A few days earlier, he confirmed the rumors, saying that he has submitted a song, in the internal selection made by TVP this year.

Recently, I did something with ATUT and BLACK HI-FI, maybe for Eurovision. […] Olek Kowalski, a great producer, and also in favor of making modern songs, with a beat, singing at a faster pace with a nice melody. We worked together in the studio to have a song suited for Eurovision, but one that I can carry on my own.

The information that told us that he is the one who has been selected for the Eurovision Song Contest, also speaks of a dynamic ballad, which highlights the range of his voice.

Although the above is information that we can not yet cross-check and fully confirm, we decided to transfer all of the above with reservation.

TVP announces the artist who will represent Poland at Eurovision 2022 is expected on January 15.

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