Spain: All about Beniform fest Second semifinals

Rehearsals for Benidorm Fest continues as we get more details about what we are going to see onstage.  This time it was the turn for the acts competing in the second semifinal.  Seven acts  are competing in the second semifinal for the last four places in the national final.  In this semi-final early favorite Rayden will perform.  Furthermore, all eyes are on Rigoberta Bandini who is currently leading the betting odds.

Here are the first details from the Second semifinal rehearsals:

Xeinn:  Xeinn is planning to do some storytelling through his performance.  He will use the LED screens, the camera movements and light playing at the same time to represent the story of his song and “the nostalgia of past love”.

Marta Sango: Marta Sango’s stage will look retro.  Her performance has some 80s vibes with a glam, colorful style.  According to RTVE, the atmosphere of Marta Sango’s performance will indeed be glamorous.  There will be fireworks and a TikTok like choreography.

Javiera Mena: She will use lots of gadgets, lasers and light elements.  The performance will surely be very energetic.

Gonzalo Hermida: Sadly Gonzalo Hermida could not participate on the rehearsals.  He was tested positive for coronavirus and is isolated.  Following this update, his Quién lo diría music video will be played during his performance on the semifinal.

Rigoberta Bandini: Rigoberta’s performance will be one of the biggest surprises of this semifinal.  Contrary to all expectations, Rigoberta is using a very theatrical staging.  Her band and a dancer will join Rigoberta onstage.  The dancer will help her show the feminist message she is bringing in this performance.

Rayden: Rayden’s performance will use lots of smoke as a visual resource.  The smoke is indeed an element representing hate.  Furthermore, in his choreography Rayden is fighting an enemy that represents his fears, insecurities and social control.

Sara Deop: Sara will have an outstanding choreography made by Vicky Gómez (Spain’s JESC 2020 and 2021). Moreover, there will be neon lights.  Sara’s stage is reminiscent to SuRie’s (United Kingdom 2018) staging.

Source: RTVE

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