Spain: Luna Ki explains what made her withdraw from Benidorm Fest!

As we have already informed you in a previous article, Luna Ki withdrew, just yesterday, from the Spanish Final. Today she posted a video, on her YouTube channel, in which she explains the reasons why she was finally forced to withdraw.

Already from the first seconds of the video, the singer points out that the reason why she will not be able to be part of the Benidorm Fest is

“Europe will finally not allow the use of autotune, something we have been discussing with the Spanish broadcaster for a long time and we have really done everything we needed to.”

She also says

“Despite all the efforts of the Spanish delegation, I will not be able to give my performance. I could make up excuses by saying that I am withdrawing for a health issue, but I won’t, because for me, both as an artist and as a human being, the truth is of primary importance. I will never stop defending my truth and above all the truth of my art.”

On the point where Luna refers to the “truth of her art,” she explains, later on, that it’s very important for her to respect the way she writes her songs, which is why she “would rather defend them by telling the truth than just making an excuse.”

“Yes, I could take part in Benidorm Fest and in case I won I would have about 3 months to change the song and remove the autotune. I know there are many people who will say I can’t sing without it. I honestly tell you that Luna can sing. But Luna Ki can not.”

The singer goes on to say “many will ask ‘Then why don’t you sing without autotune?’ and the truth is that many people close to me ask me the same. It doesn’t seem like a big deal to them.”

“For me autotune is part of the aesthetics of the song and not just a technical support. Try to think of a song that is written on an electric guitar and is suddenly forced to be played by an acoustic one. It would be pointless. Its aesthetic, rhythm and dynamics would be lost. I don’t want something like that to happen to my song.”

In the video Luna goes on to urge the officials to reconsider banning autotune at Eurovision as “it’s a singing competition, not a voice one like, for example, The Voice” and through this she hopes to see more electronic songs on similar big stages in the future.

She also extends her heartfelt thanks to Spanish broadcaster, RTVE, and all those who supported her and believed in her, while asking her listeners to support the other participants in the national final regardless of the result.

Finally, she elaborates on how she experienced the whole situation from the day she learned that she would not be able to participate, explaining that the best way she could convey her thoughts to the audience unchanged is through this video. At the same time, she verifies the rumours of creating a video clip for “Voy a morir” in which it is very likely that she will be wearing the clothes she was going to wear at Benidorm Fest!

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