Spain: The results of the second semi-final of Benidorm Fest 2022!

Benidorm Fest, the festival which will determine the representative of Spain in Eurovision 2022, continues tonight with the second semifinal, live from the spanish state channel RTVE.

A total of seven candidates competed in the second semifinal, claiming four places for Saturday’s grand final.

Presenters of the evening were Alaska, Inés Hernard and Máxim Huerta.

The candidates

The seven candidates of the night were the following:

  1. Xeinn – Eco
  2. Marta Sango – “Sigues en mi mente
  3. Javiera Mena – “Culpa”
  4. Gonzalo Hermida – Quién lo diría
  5. Rigoberta Bandini – Ay Mama
  6. Rayden – “Calle de la llorería”
  7. Sara Deop – Make you say

The voting

50% of the results in all three shows (two semifinals and a final) comes from the jury, while the other 50% from the audience. The jury is divided into spanish and international, while 50% of the audience is divided into televoting and a sample of the spanish population selected on the basis of statistics and demographics (demoscopic jury). This is used in both the Sanremo Festival (Italy) and the Melodifestivalen (Sweden).

The Benidorm Fest jury, which determines 50% of the vote, consists of the following:

National jury:

Natalia Calderón – Professor of Vocals
Miryam Benedited – Director and Choreographer
Estefanía García – Singer, mezzo-soprano of the RTVE choir

International jury:

Marvin Dietmann – Director of many entries in the Eurovision Song Contest
Felix Bergsson – Head of the Icelandic delegation to Eurovision



  1. Rigoberta Bandini 56 points
  2. Xeinn 46 points
  3. Rayden 45 points
  4. Marta Sango 36 points
  5. Javiera Mena 28 points
  6. Gonzalo Hermida 28 points
  7. Sara Deop 21 points


  1. Gonzalo Hermida 30 points
  2. Rigoberta Bandini 25 points
  3. Rayden 20 points
  4. Sara Deop 18 points
  5. Xeinn 15 points
  6. Marta Sango 12 points
  7. Javiera Mena 10 points


  1. Rigoberta Bandini 30 points
  2. Rayden 25 points
  3. Xeinn 20 points
  4. Gonzalo Hermida 18 points
  5. Marta Sango 15 points
  6. Javiera Mena 12 points
  7. Sara Deop 10 points


  1. Rigoberta Bandini 111 points
  2. Rayden 90 points
  3. Xeinn 81 points
  4. Gonzalo Hermida 71 points
  5. Marta Sango 63 points
  6. Javiera Mena 50 points
  7. Sara Deop 49 points

As a result, the four artists that qualify to the final of Benidorm Fest this Saturday are:

  1. Rigoberta Bandini – Ay Mama
  2. Rayden – “Calle de la llorería”
  3. Xeinn – Eco
  4. Gonzalo Hermida – Quién lo diría

You can watch the performance of this semi-final’s winner, Rigoberta Bandini, here:

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