Australia: Interview with Andrew Lambrou | From Music School, to X-Factor and then Australia Decides 2022!

Andrew Lambrou is among the contestants who are trying to represent Australia in Eurovision Song Contest 2022! The singer talked exclusively with EurovisionFun and Andreas Papayiannakis abot this journey.

Andrew is among the contestants of Australia Decides for Eurovision 2022 and he will do his best to represent Australia in Eurovision 2022 with the song “Electrify“.

“I wrote this song together with three of my friends a long time ago. I love Greek and general European music and I will love to combine it with my personal sound. I have been watching Eurovision my whole life and the song wasn’t meant to be for the contest at first but I had a vision that it could do for Eurovison and I always had that in the back of my head. First of all, I talked with my label and my family. My father adviced me to do it. So I decided to send it SBS and everything happened very quickly. It’s amazing that I’m in this position right now. I’m very happy with peoples’ reaction from the snippet I released and I really wish that they will love it, I want to put on a smile on their faces!”

When he first started his career, he took part in the Australian edition of X-Factor and now he’s part of Australia Decides:

“Music is in my blood. I’m very happy because I knew what I wanted since I was five years old. Music is part of my life since forever. It’s a way of me being creative. All the experiences I had with music, starting from Music School and then Australia Decides and possibly in Eurovision,they were all amazing.All of them have been stages of my life to make me come here and I’m very gratefull for all those experiences”

Andrew said that it’s an awesome feeling imagining himself in the Eurovision stage because the contest is a great way to communicate many different type of music styles from many countries, many languages to be heard all over the world and he would feel really grateful if we would manage to win Australia Decides.

He also talked about his stage perfomance on the national final:

“We are preparing everything that we will be doing with the staging. I’m very into visual effects and I’m trying to visualize everything I have in my mind. I can’t say much but it will be something original and amusing for the viewers. Of course there will be a choreography

His favorite Australian entry is Guy Sebastian(2015).From Eurovision, his favorite entries are Marija Šerifović (Serbia 2007), Helena Paparizou (Greece 2005), Loreen (Sweden 2012), Conchita Wurst (Austria 2014), SunStroke Project & Olia Tira (Moldova 2010), Lordi (Finland 2006) και Eleni Foureira (Cyprus2018).

Andrew also sang a part of his song “Electrify for us and you can hear it at the end of the video.

EurovisionFun wishes all the best of luck to Andrew Lambrou!

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