Bulgaria: Enigmatic tweet from public television with Kristian Kostov!

A tweet on the official account of Bulgarian public television for the Eurovision Song Contest has sparked scenarios and rumors.

This tweet mentions some lyrics of Intention, the song with which the Intelligent Music Project will represent Bulgaria at Eurovision 2022, there is a photo of Kristian Kostov and writes soon…

BNT then posted another tweet. Probably a date: 15/03, ie March 15. Obviously then they will reveal this surprise. By the way, on March 15, Kristian Kostov has his birthday!

What makes the story more interesting is that they have deleted all the tweets related to the Intelligent Music Project, even the retweet for the band’s participation in the Eurovision pre party in Amsterdam!

We remind you that Kristian Kostov represented Bulgaria at Eurovision 2017, occupying the second place, the best place the country has ever taken in the competition.

What can the above mean? Is it just a collaboration of the Intelligent Music Project with Kristian Kostov? Will they do a cover of Intention together or is it something bigger?

We will find out soon…

Stay tuned to Eurovisionfun for all the developments regarding the participation of Bulgaria in Eurovision 2022!

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