Croatia: Interview with Marko Bošnjak | The mysterious appearance of “Moli za nas” and the opportunity for Eurovision through Dora 2022! (Video)

Being a selected artist for this year’s Croatian national final, Dora 2022, Marko Bošnjak speaks exclusively to EurovisionFun and Apostolos Bogiannos and Apostolis Matamis.

Marko is one of the finalists of the Croatian national final for Eurovision 2022, and will try to represent his country with the song “Moli za nas“.

I have been thinking about participating in Eurovision since I was a child. I always watched the competition with my whole family and I wanted to be on this huge stage. When I was in high school and I was dreaming of becoming a singer I felt it was the right time. And now that I has been selected for the national final, I feel that I am closer than ever, as long as I win. “Moli za nas” expresses a general message, about the issues someone faces regarding the acceptance of his own personal identity in our the society, nowadays . It’s about the world we have to build in a way and it’s a very emotional message from me, through a song that reflects my feelings at the moment. The fact that it is in Croatian, may make it even more emotional and beloved in the world and it will stay that way, in case I win and go to Eurovision. The song was not written from the beginning for the competition, however, listening to the demo we thought that with the appropriate stage presence it would be an excellent choice for this purpose.

Marco did not hesitate to speak about his staging in the final:

You should expect a dramatic and mysterious appearance with various effects. I will be alone on stage and all the effects will take place behind me. I really want to show you the result because it is truly wonderful. I can not wait. It’s going to be a really good look at global standards.

Among the co-nominated songs of the national final, that of Tia has stood out.

Her favorite Croatian entry is that of Severina (2006). The participation of Go_A (Ukraine 2021), Ruslana (Ukraine 2004), Loreen (Sweden 2012) and Loïc Nottet (Belgium 2015) stands out from the competition in general.

In 2015 he competed in the second round of the Serbian show Pinkove Zvezdice, something that gave him valuable experiences thanks to the opportunities he had to be on a stage with several eurotars when he was only eleven years old.

When asked if he would like to perform a duet with a star of the competition, he stated that this was undoubtedly Mahmood (Italy 2019, 2022)

Shortly before the end of the interview, Marco gave us a part of his participation.

Watch the full exclusive interview of Marko Bošnjak in the video below:

Here is  “Moli za nas”, his entry in Dora 2022.

We remind you that Croatia is going to perform in the 2nd Semifinal!

Stay tuned in Eurovisionfun for all the Croatian news on the competition and Dora 2022!

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