Estonia: ”We won’t participate if Russia is allowed to participate”

The last hours are difficult for this year’s Eurovision, due to the pressures of  Sweden, Denmark, The Netherlands, Norway, Lithuania, Latvia, Georgia, but also Finland, that in fact threatens to withdraw from the competition. Estonia is also taking the side of Ukraine, pressuring EBU to recall Russia’s participation at this year’s contest.

Specifically, like Finland, the Estonian National Broadcasting Corporation reports that it will decide whether or not to participate in the Eurovision Song Contest depending on whether Russia participates in it or not. According to Erik Roose, Chairman of the Board of ERR (Estonian Public Broadcasting), ERR has contacted EBU on this issue and states that depending on the further organization of the song contest, a relevant decision will be made to participate or not.

”Obviously, it is inconceivable that Estonia will participate in this year’s Eurovision in which Russia also participates. Our colleagues from the other Baltic countries will obviously share this view. We will continue to contact the EBU as the organizer of the Eurovision Song Contest”

Erik Roose


Estonia is going to compete on the second half of the second semifinal with STEFAN and his song Hope. You can listen to the song here:

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