Eurovision 2022: Postcard Filming Continues in Umbria!

A few days ago, the shooting of postcards for the 66th Eurovision Song Contest 2022 began, with Perugia being revealed as the first location.

Rai continues to turn postcards with the motto of the competition “The Sound of Beauty”, highlighting the beauty of Italy.

Eurofestival reveals that postage filming continued in the Umbria area. According to information, both Marmore Falls and the city of Terni will be presented. The choice of the two locations in Umbria, represents the claim that defines Umbria as the “green heart of Italy”.

The postcards are shown before the start of each performance at the Eurovision Song Contest with each nation having a different postcard. The postcard is used traditionally to promote the host country of that year’s contest or show the artist who is due to perform next.

In 2021 the postcard displayed all the artists in a small house in a unique place in the Netherlands. The artists filmed their presence in front of them and then placed it on a house that was full of objects related to them.

Below you can see the postcard of Italy in 2021, in Rotterdam.

Stay tuned to EurovisionFun for all the news  on the way to Turin!

Source: Eurofestivalnews


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