Italy: Record-breaking Spotify streams for Mahmood and Blanco!

A short while ago, Spotify‘s daily streams ranking for Italy was released. As expected, all 12 songs from the first night of Sanremo were at the top of the ranking. One song, however, set an incredible record.

More specifically, Brividi by Mahmood and Blanco, not only topped the chart, but also scored the highest number of streams ever for a song on the Italian Spotify with 3,384,192 streams!

In detail, the ranking is as follows:

  1. Mahmood & Blanco – Brividi – 3,384,192
  2. RKomi – Insuperabile – 954,842
  3. La rappresentante di lista – Ciao Ciao – 922,011
  4. Dargen D’Amico – Dove Si Balla – 714,766
  5. Achille Lauro – Domenica – 672,812
  6. Noemi – Ti amo non lo so dire – 568,019
  7. Michele Bravi – Inverno dei fiori – 520,547
  8. Ana Mena – Duecentomila ore – 417,176
  9. Gianni Morandi – Apri tutte le porte – 399,737
  10. Giusy Ferreri – Miele – 358,251

Yuman was in the14th place and Massimo Ranieri in the 16th one.

Mahmood & Blanco, however, with this record also managed to reach the 5th position on Spotify’s global chart.

Tomorrow we will see how the songs of the second night of Sanremo will do on Spotify. Certainly the festival is subversive as we have seen in other years, but this record is unlikely to be overturned, at least as far as televoting is concerned.

Image source: Spettacolo

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