Italy: Terza Serata of Sanremo 2022 tonight!

The Sanremo 2022 festival continues tonight with the Terza Serata (third night). All 25 contestants will be performing their songs for the second time, after presenting them for the first time some during the first night, others during the second.

For the results of the Seconda Serata check out our relevant article!

The show

On the Ariston scene, Amadeus will not be alone. Each night, as we know, he will have different co-hosts by his side. Next to him at the Terza Serata will be Drusilla Foer.

Also appearing on the third night of the 72nd Sanremo Festival will be Roberto Saviano, one of the most well-known journalists and writers in Italy.

Tonight’s program

During the third night of Sanremo 2022, we will have the opportunity to listen to all 25 candidate songs of the Festival for the second time. We remind you that the competing artists are the following:

  1. Achille Lauro & Harlem Gospel Choir “Domenica”
  2. Yuman “Ora e qui”
  3. Noemi “Ti amo non lo so dire”
  4. Gianni Morandi “Apri tutte le porte”
  5. La Rappresentante di Lista “Ciao Ciao”
  6. Michele Bravi “Inverno dei fiori”
  7. Massimo Ranieri “Lettera al di là del Mare”
  8. Mahmood & Blanco “Brividi”
  9. Ana Mena “Duecentomile Ore” 
  10. Rkomi Insuperabile”
  11. Dargen D’Amico “Dove si balla”
  12. Giusy Ferreri “Miele”
  13. Sangiovanni Farfalle
  14. Giovanni Truppi Tuo padre, mia madre, Lucia
  15. Le Vibrazioni Tantissimo
  16. Emma Ogni volta e cosi
  17. Matteo Romano Virale
  18. Iva Zanicchi Voglio amarti
  19. Dittonellapiaga feat Donatella Rettore Chimica
  20. Elisa O forse sei tu
  21. Fabrizio Moro Sei tu
  22. Tananai Sesso occasionale
  23. Irama Ovunque sarai
  24. Aka 7even Perfetta cosi
  25. Highsnob & Hu Abbi cura di te

The voting

The 25 songs that will be performed on the Terza Serata of Sanremo 2022 are heard for the second time tonight. The result will be determined 50% by the televote and 50% by the demoscopic jury. The demoscopic jury consists of 1000 fans all over Italy who vote online from home and have been specifically selected for this purpose, according to demographic, age and other quality characteristics.

Today’s ranking will be combined with the ranking of the first two nights, where a jury of journalists were the ones voting.

At the end of the night we will find out the general ranking of the overall score. We remind you that so far, the ranking is as follows:

How to watch Sanremo 2022

You can watch the Sanremo Festival 2022 live on TV, from Rai1, but also from the RaiPlay website at 20:40 CET.

So, those of you who are fans of Italian music and have patience in the Italian shows with many guests, endless sometimes dialogues and any other kind of interference that can make the show end even after 2 in the morning, tune in with us to the great celebration of Italian music, from which great international stars started their careers!

Stay tuned to EurovisionFun for the full coverage of the 72nd Sanremo Festival.

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