Italy: The results of the Quarta Serata of Sanremo 2022!

The fourth night of Sanremo 2022 has just been completed. All 25 contestants performed for the third time tonight on the stage of Teatro Ariston, although this time, they performed covers among great successes of the 20th century.

The show

On the Ariston scene, Amadeus wasn’t alone. Each night, as we know, he has different co-hosts by his side. Next to him at the Quarta Serata was Maria Chiara Giannetta, one of the most up-and-coming actresses on Italian television and cinema.

Also appearing on the fourth night of the 72nd Sanremo Festival were Pinguini Tattici Nucleari, the band which managed to take the 3rd place in the 2020 Festival.

During the fourth night of Sanremo 2022, we had the opportunity to listen to the artists perform covers of great 20th century hits of their choosing. The 25 artists had the choice to perform their cover either alone or in a duet with a non-participating artist. The artists also had the option to perform a medley of several songs, instead of just one.

These are the songs that this year’s participants chose to perform, in the order in which they appeared:

  • Noemi(You make me feel like) a natural woman (Aretha Franklin)
  • Giovanni TruppiNella mia ora di libertà (Fabrizio De Andrè) with Vinicio Capossela
  • YumanMy Way (Frank Sinatra) with Rita Marcotulli
  • Le VibrazioniLive and let die (Paul McCartney) with Sophie and the Giants and Beppe Vessicchio
  • Sangiovanni: A muso duro (Pierangelo Bertoli) with Fiorella Mannoia
  • EmmaBaby one more time (Britney Spears) with Francesca Michielin
  • Gianni Morandi: medley of songs with Jovanotti
  • ElisaWhat a feeling (by Irene Cara from the film “Flashdance”)
  • Achille LauroSei bellissima (Loredana Bertè) with Loredana Bertè
  • Matteo RomanoYour song (Elton John) with Malika Ayane
  • IramaLa mia storia tra le dita (Gianluca Grignani) with Gianluca Grignani
  • Ditonellapiaga & RettoreNessuno mi può giudicare (Caterina Caselli)
  • Iva ZanicchiCanzone (Don Backy and Detto Mariano, in the version of Milva)
  • Ana Mena: medley of songs with Rocco Hunt
  • La rappresentante di listaBe my baby (The Ronettes) with Cosmo, Margherita Vicario και Ginevra
  • Massimo RanieriAnna verrà (Pino Daniele) with Nek
  • Michele BraviIo vorrei… non vorrei… ma se vuoi (Lucio Battisti)
  • Mahmood & BlancoIl cielo in una stanza (Gino Paolli)
  • Rkomi: medley of Vasco Rossi songs with Calibro 35
  • Aka 7evenCambiare (Alex Baroni) with Arisa
  • Highsnob & HuMi sono innamorato di te (Luigi Tenco) with MrRain
  • Dargen D’AmicoLa bambola (Patty Pravo)
  • Giusi Ferreri: Io vivrò senza te (Lucio Battisti) with Andy of Bluevertigo
  • Fabrizio MoroUomini soli (Pooh)
  • TananaiA far l’amore comincia tu (Raffaella Carrà) with Rosa Chemical

The ranking

The voting tonight was determined 34% by the televote, 33% by the vote of the demoscopic jury and 33% by the vote of the journalists. We only found out the top 3 covers which stood out in covers night, which were the following:

  1. Gianni Morandi
  2. Mahmood & Blanco
  3. Elisa

Tonight’s results were added to the overall results so far from the previous nights. The overall ranking at this point, right before the Final of the Festival, is as follows:

  1. Mahmood & Blanco
  2. Gianni Morandi
  3. Elisa
  4. Irama
  5. Sangiovanni
  6. Emma
  7. La rappresentante di Lista
  8. Massimo Ranieri
  9. Fabrizio Moro
  10. Michele Bravi
  11. Achille Lauro feat. Harlem Gospel Choir
  12. Matteo Romano
  13. Dargen D’Amico
  14. Aka 7even
  15. Noemi
  16. Ditonellapiaga & Rettore
  17. Iva Zanicchi
  18. Giovanni Truppi
  19. Rkomi
  20. Le Vibrazioni
  21. Yuman
  22. Highsnob & Hu
  23. Giusy Ferreri
  24. Ana Mena
  25. Tananai

Mahmood & Blanco remain in the first place, while Gianni Morandi surpasses Elisa in 2nd place.

What do you think of the results? Who do you want to be the winner of Sanremo 2022 and, therefore, possibly representative of Italy in Eurovision 2022? Tell us in the comments!

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