Mahmood & Blanco will represent Italy at Eurovision 2022!

After the end of the Sanremo 2022 in which were crowned winners, Mahmood & Blanco officially said yes to the representation of Italy at Eurovision 2022 in Turin!

During the press conference after the victory of the duo, the official announcement was made by Mahmood:

I am happy that Eurovision will take place in Turin, we will see you in Turin!

Asked if the song would remain in Italian or if it would be sung in English, Blanco initially said it would remain in Italian, but later said:

We want to bring Italian music abroad, we still do not know, we will see…

Mahmood said he did not dedicate much of the song to somewhere, while Blanco said they worked hard to get this track out, as it should be for all beautiful things.

Italy as the host country and member of the Big 5 competes directly in the final of Eurovision 2022. We will have the opportunity to see the song live for the first time during the first semifinal of Eurovision on May 10!

Listen to the song that will represent Italy at Eurovision 2022:

Stay tuned to EurovisionFun for all the news about Italy’s participation in the Contest!

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