Malta: Emma Muscat is the winner of MESC 2022!

The MESC 2022 just took place with Emma Muscat and “Out of Sight” to be the next representative of Malta who will join Eurovision 2022!

After three very important days, the 17 finalists competed in the Final with Emma to be the winner of the night!

The Finalists were:

The twenty two years old songwriter and model Emma Muscat left a strong impression and won with 92 points. Her song, with pop instrumental and an emotional performance was written by Antonio Caputo, Emma Muscat, Gabriel Rossi, Lorenzo Santarelli and Marco Salvaderi.

Presenters of MESC 2022 were Stephanie Spiteri and Quiton Scerri.

Just a quick reminder that Malta will compete in the Second Semifinal, on May 12.

Of course, we cannot forget Malta’s participation in Eurovision 2021 with Destiny’sJe me casse” that collected 255 points and came 7th in the competition.

Stay tuned to Eurovisionfun for all news regarding Malta’s participation in Eurovision 2022!

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