Norway: Results of MGP 2022 Fourth Semi-Final!!

The fourth semi-final of  Melodi Grand Prix 2022 was broadcast tonight at 19:50 CET. Four artists competed for the one ticket that leads directly to the Grand Final of 19th of February 2022. We also had the chance to enjoy the performance of the pre-qualified entry “Give That Wolf a Banana”  by Subwoolfer. 

The hosts of the show were Kåre Magnus BerghAnnika MomrakMikkel Niva.

The four artist competed in the fourth semi-final tonight were:

  1. Maria Mohn – “Fly”
  2. Alexandra Joner – “Hasta la vista”
  3. Kim Wigaard – “La Melodia”
  4. Sofie Fjellvang – “Made Of Glass”

Those aforementioned candidates have been divided into two duels, the winners of these will compete for the ticket to the final. The duels are:

  1. Maria Mohn – “Fly” VS Alexandra Joner – “Hasta la vista”
  2. Kim Wigaard – “La Melodia” VS Sofie Fjellvang – “Made Of Glass”

The betting odds before the show looked as follows:

The winner of the first duel (Maria Mohn – “Fly” VS Alexandra Joner – “Hasta la vista”) was:

Maria Mohn – “Fly”

The winner of the second duel (Kim Wigaard – “La Melodia” VS Sofie Fjellvang – “Made Of Glass”was:

Sofie Fjellvang – “Made Of Glass”

Later on the show we had the chance to listen live to the automatic finalist Subwoolfer and their entry “Give That Wolf a Banana”

Maria Mohn and Sofie Fjellvang once again performed their entries in this final duel.

Maria Mohn – “Fly” vs Sofie Fjellvang – “Made Of Glass”

After this battle the fourth qualifier of MGP 2022 was Sofie Fjellvang with the song “Made of Glass.


The next show is going to be the 1st part of the Last Chance round which is scheduled to take place on 7th of February at 19:50 CET! You can watch MGP 2022 by clicking here.

Stay tuned to EurovisionFun, for all the news regarding the Norway’s participation at Eurovision Song Contest 2022!

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