Norway: Subwoolfer identity revealed ?

Last Saturday night, Subwoolfer won the Melodi Grand Prix final. Therefore, Norway will be represented by a masked and currently unidentified duo of artists in the Eurovision Song Contest 2022 in Turin.

So far, neither the artists themselves, nor NRK, nor the record company, Universal, have revealed when the masks will finally fall and we will find out the identity of the duo.

However, the VG newspaper revealed that two artists who are rumored to be hiding behind the Subwoolfer are filming with Subwoolfer at the H3 Arena in Bærum, where the final took place on Saturday.

According to NRK, the recording is a back-up of the Eurovision performance, in case there are problems due to the pandemic or other prohibitive conditions in Turin.

In the parking lot outside the H3 Arena was a Volkswagen Up! registered with the Norwegian Public Administration in the name of Gaute Ormåsen (38). The artist participated in Idol in 2003, where he finished second.

There is also a Porsche, which is registered to the British Ben Adams (40), who was part of the boyband A1 in the late 90s. Adams has been living in Norway lately.

For the time being, both artists refused to comment.

A1 participated in Melodi Grand Prix 2010 and finished in the second place.

Ormåsen also participated in the Melodi Grand Prix in 2010, as well as in 2013.

We remind you that Norway has been drawn to compete in the First Semifinal on May 10. Specifically, they will appear in one of the positions 10-18.

Do you like the representatives of Norway this year?

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