Russia: Slavia Simonova would represent the country at Eurovision 2022!

Now we can reveal it, after yesterday’s interview of Artur Gasparyan a well-known journalist in Russia, that 18-year-old Slavia Simonova would represent the country at Eurovision 2022!

As early as February 13, we had informed you with our Tweet that Russia this year would probably be represented by an artist who was not among the artists who had been heard in the previous period.

Russia 1 was chosen by 18-year-old Slavia Simonova, the winner of a talent show on the channel, a singer mainly of jazz music and with a vision problem.

Dream Team was opposed to this choice, which as it is known proposed Klava Koka, but also another male artist that unfortunately we can not reveal. The decision for Slavia Simonova was made several days before the Russian invasion and the reason for the delay in its announcement was that until the end there were negotiations with the Dream Team in order for Russia 1 to work with them this year as well. However, the fact that the Dream Team considered that the selection of Slavia would not bring the desired result, insisting until the end on its other two proposals, led the team to the decision not to cooperate with Russia this year.

It is worth noting that the song with which Yaroslava Simonova would represent Russia at Eurovision 2022, was her own composition and was ready. In fact, very soon we would have had the official announcements.

We remind you that Russia will not participate in Eurovision 2022 after a relevant decision of the EBU, due to the invasion of Ukraine. We are now waiting with interest for Russia’s reaction to this decision.

Stay tuned to Eurovisionfun for all the developments!

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  1. Sean
    Sean says:

    Yeah, Klava Koka would’ve been neat. I imagine Niletto is the male artist, or at least I’d have hope. They’re both very popular.


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