Slovenia: Results of the second semi-final of EMA 2022!

Slovenia continues searching for a representative for Eurovision 2022! The second semi-final of EMA 2022 was completed a few minutes ago, with six contestants following Batista Cadillac, July Jones, Manouche, David Amaro, Stela Sofia and Luma to the next stage of the grand final.

The presenters of the evening were Melani Mekicar and Bojan Cvjetićanin.

The artists who competed on the second semi-final were:

  1. Mia Guček – “Independiente
  2. Gušti feat. Leyre – “Nova romantika
  3. Klara Jazbec – “Vse kar imam
  4. Vedran Ljubenko – “H2O dieta
  5. Leya Leanne – “Naked
  6. LPS – “Disko
  7. Anabel – “Tendency
  8. BQL – “Maj
  9. Hauptman – “Sledim
  10. Eva Moškon – “Kliki

The results:

Three qualifiers were selected by a special jury and three were chosen by the audience through a telephone vote.

The artists that made it to the final are:
  • Hauptman
  • Gušti feat. Leyre
  • Anabel
  • Leya Leanne
  • BQL
  • LPS

Stay tuned to Eurovisionfun for all the news regarding Slovenia’s participation in Eurovision 2022!

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