The Dream Team comment on the involvement of D. Kontopoulos in the composition of the Greek entry!

The presence of Dimitris Kontopoulos in Symi, together with the other members of the Greek delegation, raised many questions (once again), about the degree of his contribution to the composition of Amanda’s song for Eurovision 2022. Is he the producer of the song? Is he a composer? Is he a composer with Amanda? Is it none of the above? We will try to answer these questions, since Eurovisionfun came in contact with the Dream Team and we convey their comment to you.

On the one hand, and before we quote the Dream Team comment, you should keep in mind that Dimitris Kontopoulos several times in the past was a composer of participations in the contest, without putting his signature. Some of these times it was obvious that he was the creator (Moldova 2018) and sometimes the fact that he was the composer remains a secret to this day.

So whether Dimitris Kontopoulos is the composer or one of the composers of this year’s Greek entry, we will probably never know. But what is definitely true is what we were told by the Dream Team.

Regardless of the fact who is the composer of the song, Dimitris Kontopoulos is the man who has the first and last word in everything that has to do with music. in all our projects. From writing a song, to choosing it, to doing the production. Even if he did not write the song himself, he is certainly the one who chose it, providing his full confidence and approval.

We were explained by the Dream Team, that if Dimitris Kontopoulos did not approve of Amanda’s song, there was no way they could have suggested her to ERT, nor collaborated with her for the Eurovision Song Contest!

But beyond all the above, there is a practical reason that Dimitris Kontopoulos is in Symi. He is a fanatical fan of the island, maintaining a holiday house there.

So whatever the answer to the question, what exactly is the contribution of Dimitris Kontopoulos in the composition of the Greek entry, it is certain that Amanda’s song enjoys its full confidence!

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