Ukraine: The thriller ends | Kalush Orchestra goes to Turin!

This year’s thriller with the Ukrainian participation in Eurovision 2022, has just ended. According to the country’s public television official announcement, the Kalush Orchestra will eventually represent the country in Turin after the withdrawal of national final winner Alina Pash from the process.

It may have been a whole week since the end of Vidbir, the national final for Eurovision, but Ukraine has only managed to find a representative today. The forced withdrawal of Alina Pash, since according to the complaints, she presented fake entry certificates for her trip to Crimea in 2015, brought a domino of developments with the final result that the Kalush Orchestra took over the representation of the country in the competition.

The Kalush Orchestra with their song Stefania took second place in Vidbir 2022, but having received the most votes from the audience. On Thursday (17/2), the Ukrainian public television addressed a request to the band, to replace Alina Pash in Eurovision 2022.

We remind you that the Kalush Orchestra had denounced the process after their defeat in the national final, claiming that these were the real winners.

Do you think that Kalush Orchestra’s Stefania is a better choice for Ukraine in the contest than Alina Pash?

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