Ukraine: “We are praying not to win. The second place would be the best ”!

Yaroslav Lodygin, head of Ukrainian public television and a member of this year’s Vidbir jury, gave an interesting interview to The Euro Trip. So, according to what he said with disarming honesty, as the head of the Ukrainian public television, he prays every year that his country will not win the competition, adding that the second place would be the most ideal scenario!

As a singing nation we always want to win, but considering all the budgetary restrictions we are almost in the situation as Iceland in the Eurovision film [The Story of Fire Saga].

As executives we are praying not to win every year.

The last time we won ,in 2017 it was a very big pressure on the company in terms of financing, in terms of interest from controlling bodies of the Ukrainian government, it’s always a big stress.

2nd place would be the best for Ukraine.

For another year, Ukraine is drawing the spotlight on itself and not only for its song. We remind you that the final decision on whether Alina Pash will eventually represent her country in the Eurovision Song Contest will be taken on Friday.

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