United Kingdom: Chelcee Grimes for Eurovision 2022?

This morning on the UK’s Smooth Radio on Jenni Falconer’s Breakfast Show there was a report about the presenters of Eurovision 2022 and then the presenter said literally that “the UK will represent Chelcee Grimes from Liverpool”, as we had mentioned in our previous article.

This news are not official yet, although Chelcee has been rumored for a long time due to its ties with TaP Music (which is collaborating with the BBC for this year’s participation).

Chelcee  is mainly known as a songwriter, having written for Kylie, Dua Lipa and BlackPink amongst others. Her ties to Eurovision have not only been with her commentary in 2021, as she co-wrote “Wonderland” for Roxen & Alexander Rybak in 2020.

The news was delivered in such a matter of fact style that it really seemed to be a worst-kept secret moment, however we await for official news from the BBC.

Watch Chelcee with “Tryna Not Fall In Love” here:

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Source: escbubble.com

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