Amanda Georgiadi Tenfjord: “If I had only one year of life, I would like to represent Greece at Eurovision”!

The Greek representative of Eurovision 2022 was photographed for the OK magazine, giving at the same time a very interesting interview. Amanda Georgiadi Tenfjord spoke of course about Die Together which has already made an impression, the story behind the song, her aspirations in view of the upcoming Eurovision, but also the way she manages to be both an artist and a medical student.

For her decision to participate in Eurovision and not with Norway, Amanda, once again clearly states that she is Greek, who just works and lives in Norway.

…other than that, I like that in Greece there is a competition where the candidates can send their songs and the committee decides which one will go to Eurovision. In Norway the competition is more open and I confess that I do not like this type of publicity.

Amanda still can not believe that the ERT committee chose her to represent Greece in Turin, while she reveals that the first people to whom she announced her happiness were her parents, but also her grandmother (101 years old), who lives in Ioannina, Greece.

As also Stefania, Amanda grew up with the dream to represent one day Greece in the competition.

Even though I was dreaming of it, I never thought I would live it. Last year, when I saw Stefania singing for Greece, I thought: “If I had only one year of life, I would like to represent Greece in the competition”!

Nothing worries Amanda, except for doing anything wrong and disappointing for the Greeks who gave her this opportunity and the honor to represent them in such a big competition as Eurovision.

Image text: ”I want to make Greeks proud. It is such a honor to represent my country at this competition”

It was difficult of course not to be asked about the bets that want Greece in such a high position. Amanda prefers not to look at them, as she knows that they change easily. She is currently focused on preparing for her perfomance at the competition. As for what to expect from Fokas now, Amanda simply states that there will be an artistic approach.

For the story of Die Together, Amanda calls the song the expression of absolute love. After the pain she experienced from the breaking up with her previous relationship, the idea of ​​this song was born.

The title of the song may have a negative connotation, but if you listen carefully to the lyrics of the song you will realise that it is the anthem of absolute love.

In the end, Amanda also referred to the special show of ERT, with the former eurostars that we will be broadcasted to the Greek public television.

It is my great pleasure and honor to meet eight Greek eurostars up close. They will give me tips for Eurovision but they will also bring me the atmosphere and the background from their own participations.

More from the full interview of Amanda Georgiadi Tenfjord are available in OK magazine, which is released today, Saturday, March 12, together with NEA, a Greek daily newspaper.

Stay tuned to Eurovisionfun for all the news regarding the Greek participation at Eurovision 2022!

Source: OK / Photos: Giannis Bastardis

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