Cyprus: RIK’s announcement for the Eurovision 2022 song!

With a relevant trailer, RIK informs us about everything we already know. The song that will represent Cyprus in Eurovision 2022, as well as the artist and the composition team of the participation, will be announced on Wednesday, March 9.

As we have already informed you, the song will be released on Wednesday, March 9, through the show of RIK Ola Ston Aera. What impresses us, admittedly, is what is mentioned on OGAE Greece, for the further release of the song on the various platforms. According to what OGAE Greece broadcasts, the song will be broadcast for the first time on Wednesday at 15.30 cet, through RIK’s show, Ola Ston Aera. It will then be uploaded to Panik’s website and social media on March 10 and released on March 11 on all music platforms.

Practically, the above means, if it is valid, that on Wednesday, March 9, the only way to hear the Cypriot participation is through the RIK show, since the song will be available on music platforms after two days. Of course, it remains to be seen if this will indeed be the time sequence:

  • 9/3: Announcement from All In the Air – RIK1 (16.30)
  • 10/3: PANIK website
  • 11/3: Other music platforms

As we have already informed you, the recording of the song took place a few days ago in Athens, where Andromachi, who will represent Cyprus, entered the studio and completed the recording of the song.

The songwriter Alex Papaconstantinou was also there. The song of Cyprus has strong ethic elements, which as lifeNewscy knows, will be enriched with bouzouki, to have a more “Greek” sound! The lyrics are signed by George Papadopoulos, while the word “Ela” dominates.

The shooting for the video clip of the song took place on Saturday, March 5.

So make an appointment on Wednesday, March 9 for the announcement of the Cypriot participation in Eurovision 2022!

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