Eurovision 2022: Seven songs that won the televoting but not the national final!

The national finals of the Eurovision 2022 have been completed! We now know all the artists and songs that will compete in Turin in May and fight for the win.

Out of the 40 participating countries, 28 selected their representative through  a national final, while only 12 by an internal selection.

In this tribute we will have a look at seven entries that won the televoting in their country’s national final, but the judges had a different opinion, which resulted in them being deprived of the victory.


The rock band Voyager, with the song Dreamer, was the winner of the Australian televoting. However, the third place awarded to them by the judges was enough to cost them the win.

Czech Republic

The Czech Republic has continued its selection through an online national final this year. The Czech public chose as the winners Jordan Haj and Emma Smetana, who are very well known in the country, with the song By Now. However, the last place given to them by the international jury deprived them of the victory.

North Macedonia

After many years, North Macedonia has returned with a national final for its participation. The winner of the TV audience was Viktor Apostolovski with Superman. Although he tied with Andrea on the first place, after the votes were tallied the country’s public television decided to override the jury’s score, in which he was in the third place.


Romania, who recorded three eliminations in recent years, came back with a national final. A choice that, however, disappointed the fanbase of the country, as the percentage of preference of the TV audience was only 10%, with the remaining 90% belonging to the jury, which, as expected, determined the final result.

The winner of the televoting with a small difference and yet a small percentage was Dora Gaitanovici with the song Ana, who came sixth in the jury.


The fan favorite Tanxugueiras, with the song Terra, achieved an unbelievable 70.75% in the Spanish public vote. However, the panel of experts ranked them fifth, which resulted in them not only failing to achieve the victory but also creating a lot of drama.


Anders Bagge with the song Bigger than the Universe, won the vote of the Swedish TV audience by a large margin. However, the international judges ranked it eighth, and as a result, it ended up losing the win.


Alina Pash with Tini Zabutykh Predkiv was the winner of Vidbir 2022. Although she withdrew from Eurovision due to her way of entering Crimea, she was the runner-up in the TV audience vote.

Winners of the televoting and subsequent representatives of Ukraine in Eurovision 2022, by a wide margin, were the Kalush Orchestra with their song Stefania. In the jury votes they were the runner-up.

These were the seven countries whose result was overturned by the jury, without letting the televoters’ choice be heard and calling into question the objectivity and existence of the juries once again.

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