Eurovision 2022: The running order of the Semi-Finals will be announced today!

The moment that many fans are waiting for is finally here. The announcement of the running order of the two semi-finals of Eurovision 2022 will be made today.

The running order is determined by the EBU in cooperation with the Italian organizers, taking into account in which half each country was allocated (first or second), but also to perform in a way that the show will be more interesting.

The running order of the two semi-finals, on May 10 and 12 accordingly, will be announced today, through the official YouTube channel of Eurovision.

The announcement of the second First-Final will be made on 13:45:

The announcement of the second Semi-Final will be made on 13:55:

What will the ideal running order for you? Write us in the comments below!

Stay tuned to Eurovisionfun for all the news related to the 66th Eurovision Song Contest!

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