Georgia: Listen to “Lock Me In”, Circus Mircus’ song for Eurovision 2022!

Georgia will participate in Eurovision 2022 with Circus Mircus and “Lock Me In“. As we reported in a previous article, with the decision of the band members, the audience will hear the song on a black background due to the ongoing invasion in Ukraine.

Listen to “Lock Me In” below:

Who are Circus Mircus?

Circus Mircus is a Georgian progressive rock band consisting of Armenian drummer Bavonc Gevorcyan, Belgian vocalist and guitarist Igor Von Lichtenstein and Greek bassist and vocalist Damocles Stavriadis. The band plays mainly experimental music, mixing many genres, each of which represents a life experience and the “inner world” of each member. The band was formed in late 2020 in Tbilisi, when three graduates of the local circus academy became friends and left the academy to form their own band. According to one member of the group, the three of them, were probably the worst in the group, so they became friends.

What do you think of Georgia’s participation? Could it bring the first Georgian qualification since 2016? Write us your opinion in the comments!

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