Germany: Interview with Felicia Lu From Germany 12 Points! (Video)

Following the announcement of her participation in this year’s national final of Germany, Germany 12 Points, Felicia Lu speaks exclusively to EurovisionFun and Apostolos Bogiannos and Apostolis Matamis.

Felicia is one of the six finalists in the German national final for Eurovision 2022, and will try for the second time to represent her country with the song “Anxiety”.

In 2017 the situation was completely different. I was younger, the whole process was different. We were given all 5 ready songs and we had to make them our own. This year I come up with a song of my own that suits me perfectly. And it is a different experience because this year I will be able to be myself as an artist on stage. I was excited when the applications opened and realized that I could try again, so I sent the video and as a surprise I was selected once again. “Anxiety” is a personal song about all the social stress I went through in the last two years like everyone else. For me it was very important to have a song with a deep meaning and to help the people who will listen to it and not to take part with a song that will convey that everything around us is happy, something that is not true. And with “Anxiety” I want to convey the message that despite our stress we have to fight to overcome them, with a happier and dancing sound. Although it was not written directly for the contest, I’m glad it was selected from a total of five songs I submitted on public television.

Regarding her stage appearance in the national final, she stated that:

I work very hard for my live show which will be very different from the studio. Vocals will be better and more intense while there will be some moments of surprises. The whole look will be fun. There will be no resemblance to the videoclip. Although this was filmed in a toilet with a dose of humor, my stage appearance will be more serious and enjoyable.

Although she likes all the fellow songs, she can not single out one since she does not see the final in a competition but as a fun meeting between friends.

Her favorite German entries are those of Michael Schulte (2018), Lena (2010) and Stefan Raab (2000) while from the competition in general she stands out the entries of Måneskin (Italy 2021), Daði og Gagnamagnið (Iceland 2021) and Lake Malawi (Czech Republic 2019).

If he chose a Eurostar to work with, it would be Måneskin (Italy 2021).

Following her effort for Eurovision 2017, Felicia took part in Rising Star Germany 2018.

Shortly before the end of the interview, Felicia gave us a part of her participation.

Watch the full exclusive interview of Felicia Lu in the video below:

Listen to “Anxiety“, Felicia Lu entry in Germany 12 Points!

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