Greece: The first information about Amanda’s stage presentation in Turin!

The first information about the stage appearance prepared by Fokas Evangelinos, for the entry of Greece in Eurovision 2022, saw the light of day.

Amanda’s appearance in Turin with an artistic look

According to what Amanda Georgiadi said in the interview she gave to OK magazine, the approach they have chosen for the Turin scene is something more artistic.

From the first moment I saw Fokas Evangelinos I loved him! He is such a warm person. All I can say is that what you will see is something very beautiful. We have taken a more artistic approach!

Amanda Georgiadis for Fokas Evangelinos and stage presentation

The above is also confirmed by our information. What Fokas Evangelinos and the Greek artistic team plan very carefully and in every detail, is something very classy and elegant, which will match the atmosphere of the song.

Amanda will return to Greece the next week for the shooting of the live on tape video.

Stay tuned at Eurovisionfun for all the updates regarding the Greek entry!

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