Italy: Mahmood & Blanco will perform 9th in the Grand Final!

As it has been announced via the social media of Eurovision Song Contest, Italy has been drawn to perform 9th in the Grand Final of Eurovision 2022.

The running order of both final and semifinals is decided by the host country and EBU with a draw to take part only to see in which half the coutnries will perform at.

The only country that is excluded is the host country, in this year Italy, that can be drawn to perform at any spot, from 1 to 26.

This year, “Brividi“, song of Mahmood and Blanco, will be performed 9th in the Grand Final in the 14th of May.

You can listen to “Brividi” below:

Do you thing this is a good spot for Italy? Can “Brividi” bring another victory for the country for the second year in a row? Write in the comments below!

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