Malta: Listen to “I am what I am”, Emma Muscat’s song for Eurovision 2022!

The song that will represent Malta in this year’s Eurovision Song Contest in Turin was published a few hours ago.

Emma Muscat will perform the song “I am what I am” which was written by Dino Medanhodzic, Julie Aagaard, Stine Kinck as well as Emma Muscat.

Listen to “I am what I am” below:

Who is Emma Muscat?

Emma Louise Marie Muscat (born 27 November 1999) is a Maltese singer and model working in Italy. Born in Malta to a wealthy family, Emma approached music from a young age. After her compulsory education, she decided to enroll at the University of Performing Arts. As a teenager she showed her skills in singing, dancing and in the use of musical instruments. She specialised, in particular, with the piano, and also began to compose both the music and the lyrics of her songs.

What do you think of Malta’s participation this year? Will it continue their qualification streak since 2019? Make your prediction in the comments!

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