Montenegro: Listen to “Breathe”, Vladana Vučinić’s song for Eurovision 2022!

Montenegro returns to Eurovision after two years of absence, since 2020. The country chose their representative for Eurovision 2022 internally and they picked Vladana Vučinić to sing for them in Turin!

The singer will represent Montenegro with the song “Breathe”!

The song was revealed today in the TV show “Montenegro, Dodici Punti” with special guests, Montenegro’s past representatives. Namely, Knez, Luka Vojvodić, Tamara Vujačić, Nina Zizic and North Macedonia’s representative for Eurovision 2022, Andrea.

The song will be a dynamic ballad with a clear message, dedicated to Vladana’s mother. As Vladana said, the song is emotional, dynamic and melancholic.

The creator’s team includes Vladana herself as well as the well known songwriter Darko Dimitrov with many successful songs in the contest.

Who is Vladana Vučinić?

Vladana was born in 1986 in Podgorica, Montenegro. Vladana showed interest in music at an early age as her grandfather, Boris Nizamovski was the Head of the Association of Stage Artists of North Macedonia and manager of the Macedonian ensemble Magnifico. Vladana has a primary and secondary education in music, focusing on music theory and opera singing. She graduated with a degree in journalism from the Montenegro’s State Faculty of Political Science.

Listen to Vladana’s song “Breathe” for Eurovision 2022:

We remind you that Montenegro will perform in the second semi-final and specifically the second half (number 9-18).

Do you agree with Finland’s choice of representative for Turin? What do you think about Vladana’s song. Tell us in the comments!

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