North Macedonia: Watch a part of Andrea’s Live-on-Tape performance!

As we previously informed you, Serbia, Montenegro and Northern Macedonia have recorded their backup appearances for the Eurovision 2022 Song Contest in Belgrade after the end of the national final of Serbia.

An excerpt from the recording of the live-on-tape of Northern Macedonia for Eurovision 2022 was released yesterday afternoon. The country’s delegation released the video from behind the scenes of the recording that took place in Belgrade on Sunday.

What is a live-on-tape performance?

In 2021 all of the 39 acts had to film a backup performance as part of the many contingency measures the EBU has put in place to ensure the song contest can happen in May no matter what.

Each act was able to rehearse for as long as they wish for their live-on-tape performance. However, only three attempts over the course of one hour are given for the filming of the performance which is monitored by the EBU. The participating country can choose which of the three performances is to be used. Live-on-tape recordings were not required to be the same as their planned Eurovision performances.

The live-on-tape performances were later shown a week after Eurovision 2021 during the Eurovision Song Celebration, as a way to showcase all of the hard work put into creating the extra performances.

Here’s the entry of North Macedonia in Eurovision 2022 Song Contest:

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