Romania: WRS goes to Turin with “Llamame”!

This year’s final of the Selecţia Naţională 2022, the show through which Romania chooses its representative in the Eurovision contest, has just ended. We know now that WRS will go to Turin, with the song Llamame!

After dozens of tracks, pre-selection auditions and a semi-final, the final took place and the ten finalists battled for a ticket to Turin, Italy.

The presenters of Selecţia Naţională 2022 were Eda Marcus and Aurelian Temișan. The team of presenters was completed by Ilinca Băcilă, representative of Romania at Eurovision 2017, who was with the contestants in the Green Room.

The contestants

The ten artists who participated tonight in the final of the Selecţia Naţională 2022 were:

Andrei Petruş – Take me
Alex Parker & Erik Frank & Bastien – All This Love
Gabriel Basco – One night
VANU – Never give up
Petra – Ireligios
MOISE – Guilty
Cream, Minodora, Diana – Romania mea
Kyrie Mendél – Hurricane
Dora Gaitanovici – Ana
WRS – Llamame

The guests appearances

Seven of this year’s Eurovision competitors performed at the 2022 Romanian national final:

  • Zdob și Zdub ( Moldova)
  • Ronela Hajati (Albania)
  • Vladana  (Montenegro)
  • We Are Domi  (Czech Republic)
  • Andrea – (North Macedonia)
  • Stefan – (Estonia)
  • Intelligent Music Project – (Bulgaria)

The 2016 Ukrainian Eurovision representative, Jamala, also gave an emotional performance of her Eurovision winning entry ‘1944’ during the show.




The final result was judged solely by the preference of a jury, with the voting of the television audience having a symbolic character. More specifically, the five members of the jury gave their own score having a sum of 290 points. Then, the first of the TV audience received 12 points with the points of the rest being calculated in comparison with this twelve based on the percentage difference from the votes of the audience.

The television audience acted as a sixth member of the jury, which consisted of:

Alexandra Ungureanu
Ozana Barabancea
Cristian Faur
Adrian Romcescu

The final results were as follow:


Total results

In top3 was announced in random order:

Kyrie Mendél – Hurricane
Dora Gaitanovici – Ana
WRS – Llamame

Third place: Dora Gaitanovici – Ana

Second place: Kyrie Mendél – Hurricane

Winner: WRS – Llamame


So, the big winner of the Selecţia Naţională 2022 wasWRS  and will represent Romania in Eurovision 2022 with the song “Llamame”!

Do you like the Romanian song for Eurovision 2022? Tell us in the comments below!

Stay tuned to Eurovisionfun for all the updates regarding the Romanian song in the upcoming Eurovision Song Contest!

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