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Sweden: The general rehearsal of the Final Show of Melodifestivalen 2022! (Live)

The general rehearsal of the Melodifestivalen 2022 Final has just started. EurovisionFun is at Friends Arena, in Stockholm and we are happy to be watching it live on-site. We will be covering this rehearsal siting right in the arena, describing in detail what is happening during the show and all the vibes we get, for you to follow the entire process and get the feeling that you are here with us tonight!

This article is being updated in real-time, all you need to do is hit the refresh button on your browser and all the rest is on us!

We will keep you up to date with all the latest information and images off this general rehearsal for the final show, allowing you to get a glimpse of what you will get to see tomorrow March 12th, at 20:00 CET, when you watch the actual final show on SVT and SVT Play.

The show

Oscar Zia is the host of the night and as previously reported, all the shows for the national selection procedure of the Swedish representative for this year’s contest in Turin take place exclusively in Stockholm and as already announced, semi-finals one to three took place at the Avicii Arena, while semi-finals four and five as well as the grand final are held at Friends Arena.

The Process

The voting system of Melodifestivalen had been changed by SVT, starting from this year. Changes also affect the voting that takes place during the final show. During the artists’ performances, viewers will get the chance to give five hearts (votes) for each competing act. After the international jury reveal their vote, viewers will get another round of five hearts (votes) per artist.

The finalists:

  • Klara Hammarström – “Run to the Hills

No change in the staging of Klara Hammarström. Exactly as her first time in the semi, quite improved vocally and got a massive applause from the spectators!

photo:SVT/Annika Berglund

  • Theoz – “Som du vill”

Theoz kept his purple outfit instead of his rehearsal yesterday. Great vocals, great stage performance and dance moves, he uplifted the crowds, especially younger ages. The entire stadium clapped their hands to the rhythm of the song and cheered.

photo:SVT/Annika Berglund

  • Anna Bergendahl – “Higher Power

Anna changed hairstyle, kept the rest of her magnificent performance intact and enchanted the crowd and acquired a massive applause!

photo:SVT/Annika Berglund

  • John Lundvik – “Änglavakt

What can one say about John, a.k.a “Yiannis” as he introduced himself in an Exclusive interview to us? Amazing vocals and these were enough for the winner of Melodifestivalen 2019 to get a hell of an applause!

photo:SVT/Annika Berglund

  • Tone Sekelius – “My Way

Tone kept her red elegant dress for her final appearance, as it seems that dress brought her good luck! Improved vocally, she kept the tribute to Ukraine and the crowd cheered on the dress reveal but also after the completion of her performance.

photo:SVT/Annika Berglund

  • Anders Bagge – “Bigger than the Universe

Anders Bagge seems to have overcome his stage fright, he is totally comfortable being on stage. His vocals are more stable on this run and he got a massive applause from the crowd as he is an established star here in Sweden.

photo:SVT/Annika Berglund

  • Robin Bengtsson – “Innocent Love

Robin wished for more interaction with the crowd, in his final performance at Melodifestivalen 2022, as he revealed in an exclusive interview to Eurovision Fun. He said it and he did it! He set up a mini gig on stage, having his band with him and interacted with the crowd. They gave him a warm applause in return!

photo:SVT/Annika Berglund

  • Faith Kakembo – “Freedom

Faith is obviously improved vocally and her stage visuals are beautiful. The crowd loves her and this is also obvious!

photo:SVT/Annika Berglund

  • Liamoo – “Bluffin

I think that Liamoo’s performance involved the biggest change in terms of staging, for the final show! He listened what the fans all over the social media had to say about his semi-final performance, so now he introduced dancers, who mainly mirrored Liamoo’s moves throughout the song. Impressive performance, he was applauded massively!

photo:SVT/Annika Berglund

  • Cornelia Jakobs – “Hold Me Closer

Captivating Cornelia Jakobs, fills you with emotions with her performance in every aspect. Her song, her voice. It does seem like she feels her song deeply and this comes across to the people that are attending this rehearsal. Literally she got an earthquake of an applause!

photo:SVT/Annika Berglund

  • Cazzi Opeia – “I Can’t Get Enough”

Cazzi with her fun song, brought up on stage her positive energy and got the crowd carried away. They sang along throughout her performance

photo:SVT/Annika Berglund

  • Medina – “In i dimman

Medina set up an entire party on stage and the crowd actively participated by singing and dancing their song! They might do really well in the public vote, the crowd exploded after they ended their performance! The biggest applause of the night, so far!

photo:SVT/Annika Berglund

International Jury Virtual Winner

Theoz – “Som du vill

Virtual Winner

Cazzi Opeia – “I Can’t Get Enough

Which artist is your favourite for the win, that will secure their ticket to Turin to represent Sweden this Saturday?

Stay tuned at Eurovisionfun, for all the latest developments regarding Melodifestivalen 2022 and the selection process Swedish entry for Eurovision 2022!

Source: SVT
Photos: Annika Berglund/SVT



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