Ukraine: The country is exempted from being required to film a Live-on-Tape performance!

Claudio Fasulo, the vice president of Rai 1, reveiled that Ukraine has been exempted from having to film a Live-on-Tape performance for Eurovision 2022.

The vice president of Rai 1, confirmed that Ukraine is excluded from the requirement of filming a live performance for the contest.

During the event of FIMI today, Mr. Fasulo explained:

Given the conditions we have waived the fact that the live-on-tape must be made with certain characteristics: eventually, we would use the video of their selection (Vidbir performance).

The Ukrainian delegation haw programmed to film their performance in Lviv in western Ukraine, however, the city became a target of Russian bombing the past weeks.

What is Live On tape?

According to what was announced, all participating broadcasters were asked to record a live performance of their participation in their country or somewhere else. This recording will be delivered before the contest and will take place in a studio. The recording will take place in real time (as it would in the Contest) without making changes to the vocals or any part of the show itself after the recording.

There will be freedom in the missions, to present as they consider their entries better, but instructions will be given which will ensure the fairness and integrity of the competition. There will be no audience and the recording should be unique and not be published before the event in May.

Delegations are allowed to use similar technical capabilities and dimensions that would be available on stage in Rotterdam, but are also free to choose a more limited production facility. Video recordings must not contain augmented or virtual reality, overlays, confetti, drone shots, water, color use or green screen.

It’s the second year that Live-on-Tape videos are required by the participants. These videos will be used instead of the live performance on stage in Turin, in the event that a delegation is not able to travel in May, or a member of the delegation is diagnosed with COVID-19 before the first rehearsals take place.

Watch Kalush Orchestra’s performance from the national final:

The European Broadcasting Union and Rai are currently looking after the participation of Ukraine in the Eurovision Song Contest 2022. Kalush Orchestra are going to perform sixth in the first semi-final.


Stay tuned on Eurovisionfun for all the news regarding the Ukrainian participation at the Eurovision Song Contest 2022 in Turin, Italy!

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