American Song Contest: Fourth Qualifier Round’s Results!

The fourth qualifier round of American Song Contest just finished with eleven more songs competing for four spots in the semifinals, with the outcome decided by the votes of the judges and the public vote. Colorado’s Riker LynchAlabama’ Ni/Co and Texas’ Grant Knoche will join Tennessee’s Tyler Braden from the third qualifier round to the semi-finals, while Washington’s Allen Stone will follow them as he won the fourth qualifier round’s jury!

The following artists competed in tonight’s fourth qualifying round:

  1. New Hampshire: MARi – “Fly
  2. Nevada: The Crystal Method – “Watch Me Now
  3. Utah: Savannah Keyes – “Sad Girl
  4. Washington, D.C.: NËITHER – “I Like It
  5. Massachusetts: Jared Lee – “Shameless
  6. Georgia: Stela Cole – “DIY
  7. Hawaii: Bronson Varde – “4 You
  8. West Virginia: Alexis Cunningham – “Working on a Miracle
  9. Arizona: Las Marías – “De La Finikera
  10. Pennsylvania: Bri Steves – “Plenty Love
  11. Washington: Allen Stone – “A Bit of Both

At the beginning of the night, Snoop Dogg and Kelly Clarkson announced that Riker Lynch from Colorado, Ni/Co from Alabama and Grant Knoche from Texas won the public’s support in the third qualifier round and will advance to the semifinals.

The detailed results of the third qualifier round were as follows:

  1. Tennessee: Tyler Braden – “Seventeen
  2. Colorado: Riker Lynch – “Feel the Love
  3. Alabama: Ni/Co – “The Difference
  4. Texas: Grant Knoche – “Mr. Independent
  5. Alaska: Jewel – “The Story
  6. Florida: Ale Zabala – “Flirt
  7. New Jersey: Brooke Alexx – “I Don’t Take Pictures Anymore
  8. Delaware: Nitro Nitra – “Train
  9. Louisiana: Brittany Pfantz – “Now You Do
  10. Northern Mariana Islands: Sabyu – “Sunsets and Seaturtles
  11. South Dakota: Judd Hoos – “Bad Girl
  12. South Carolina: Jesse LeProtti – “Not Alone

Just before the end of the show, the winner of the second qualifier round’s jury was announced and therefore Allen Stone from Washington will be in the semi-finals.

The detailed results of the fourth qualifier round’s juries were as follows:

  1. Washington: Allen Stone – “A Bit of Both
  2. Massachusetts: Jared Lee – “Shameless
  3. Nevada: The Crystal Method – “Watch Me Now
  4. Pennsylvania: Bri Steves – “Plenty Love
  5. West Virginia: Alexis Cunningham – “Working on a Miracle
  6. Georgia: Stela Cole – “DIY
  7. Utah: Savannah Keyes – “Sad Girl
  8. New Hampshire: MARi – “Fly
  9. Hawaii: Bronson Varde – “4 You
  10. Arizona: Las Marías – “De La Finikera
  11. Washington, D.C.: NËITHER – “I Like It

Voting for those not selected by the jury will continue for two days until Wednesday. The public vote will determine the other three artists who will make it to the semi-finals. The semi-finalists will be announced each time at the start of next week’s show.

This was the fourth of a total of five qualifier rounds. You can also follow the contest from Denmark (DR) at 21:00 CET on Tuesdays, Finland (YLE) on Tuesday evenings, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Liechtenstein, and Luxembourg (Red Bull) on demand, Greece (ERTFLIX), Iceland (RUV), Montenegro (RTCG) at 21:00 CET on Sundays, Norway (NRK) on Saturday nights, Serbia (RTS), Slovenia (RTV SLO) at 22:00 CET on Saturdays, Spain (RTVE Play) and Sweden (SVT)!

You can check here the performance of the first semifinalist of the 4th qualifying round from Washington:

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