Armenia: “All I can say right now is that it’s gonna be very intimate :)” – EurovisionFun interviewed Rosa Linn

Armenia came back to Eurovision Song Contest this year with a very precious representative, whose name is Rosa Linn (Rosa Kostandyan). She will represent the country with a very personal song of hers with her being the main songwriter behind it which is called ‘SNAP‘. EurovisionFun messaged to interview her and the kind-hearted team immediately agreed to arrange the interview.

We asked her several questions and she answered them!

  • Rosa, what is ‘SNAP’ about?

The song was written at a point in time where I was at this snapping point. It’s about being on the verge of giving it all up but in the end, realizing that I could face these difficulties easier and overcome them with a bit more self love.

  • What were your reaction and the reaction of your family members when you told them about being selected to represent Armenia at the biggest music contest?

Being selected has a very deep meaning to me as it’s something I’ve dreamed of since a young age. The last two years were terribly negative for me and my family and my country. I can bring something positive to my country with my participation in ESC and that’s why I was so excited to be selected for this opportunity.

  • You’re one of the artists of Tamar Kaprelian’s label “Nvak Collective”. What made you apply to be part of it?

In 2019 I was playing at a local festival with my band, after our performance their community manager came to me and suggested to apply to a summer songwriting camp. I did. After that I got invited to take part in the same process but in Israel. Since then Nvak has just become my family and Tamar is always someone I have looked to for guidance while navigating this industry.

  • What does the music video symbolize?

The concept was developed by the music video director and it’s about taking the risk, and flying to catch your dreams. When I first was presented with his idea I instantly felt connected to that story and the message really captured exactly what I thought when writing the song. That’s the energy I want to bring to Eurovision!!!

  • Your live performances of ‘SNAP’ at the preparties were fascinating and magical. Were you nervous since those were your first performances in front of big audiences?

I thought I would be. But once I got on the stage and saw the eyes of people in front… it’s like they took the nerves away and I just enjoyed every bit of my performance.

  • Did you make any friendships during the preparties?

All the participants I met were good people which made me really happy. We got close by the end of the promo tours and I already miss them around. I’ve had the chance to keep in touch with some contestants like Sheldon, Ronela, Stefan on socials doing lives and just going back and forth about our shared experiences.

  • Who are your favourites of this year’s contest?

There are a lot of artist that stood out for me this year and I think we have a very strong competition this year (in a positive meaning)… I really believe in Cornelia as an artist, I know that she’ll give us much more after ESC. I think Sheldon has the most beautiful voice. I love MARO and Amanda. Idk each artist is really unique in their own way.

  • Will your staging in Turin be the continuation of the music video or will it be completely different from it?

All I can say right now is that it’s gonna be very intimate 🙂

We wish Rosa Linn all the best!

Stay tuned to Eurovisionfun for all news regarding Eurovision 2022!

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