Belgium: With a national final at Eurovision 2023?

According to weekly magazine TV Familie, there are rumors going on about a possible return of Eurosong, the Flemish Song Contest preliminary round for Eurovision Song Contest .  In a response to, the public broadcaster stated that it wants to focus on entertainment and relaxation, but that nothing concrete can be announced yet about the selection of the VRT candidate for the Songfestival 2023.

The same source stated that the Flemish public broadcaster VRT is considering reselecting the 2023 Belgian representative  entry via Eurosong. The presenter has apparently already been chosen, and it’s Niels Destadsbader, who switched from VTM to VRT, would be ready to present a new edition of the preselection in 2023. He has recently been under contract with VRT and would present several live shows there.

The public broadcaster neither accept or deny the rumours about the comeback of Eurosong for Eurovision 2023!

“Each edition we look at the best way to select our candidate for the Eurovision Song Contest. This has already happened via pre-selections, via a TV show and via an internal selection.  At the moment we cannot announce anything concrete about the selection for our VRT candidate for the Eurovision Song Contest, but of course we will share news about this later.”

The Eurosong preliminary round was last used as a selection method in 2016. Peter Van de Veire, who has been the face of VRT for Eurovision for many years, presented those shows at the time. Van de Veire is in favor of selecting our Belgian candidate without a preliminary round. According to TV Familie, he would not return as the presenter of Eurosong 2023 after his retirement from MNM.

In 2016, Belgium was represented by Laura Tesoro and “What’s the Pressure”. She advanced on the Grand Final and she finished 10th with 181 points.

This year, Belgium will be represented by Jérémie Makiese with “Miss You” and we will compete on the 16th place of the Second Semi Final of Eurovision 2022!

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