Eurovision 2022 Poll: Results of First Semi-final released!

We had more than 2,300 different votes for our Poll and the results of the First Semi-final have already been announced. 50% of the results was determined by the votes of our readers and the remaining 50% by the authors of Eurovisionfun.

The ten countries that got the ticket to the final (in random order) are:

  • Armenia
  • Lithuania
  • Norway
  • Netherlands
  • Austria
  • Greece
  • Ukraine
  • Croatia
  • Albania
  • Portugal

The countries that didn’t qualify and their scores are the following:

11. Iceland 77

12. Switzerland 77

13. Moldova 74

14. Latvia 69

15. Denmark 61

16. Slovenia 45

17. Bulgaria 32

You can see the announcement of the results in detail in the video of Douze Points that follows:

Do not miss the results’ announcement of the Second Semi-final, on Thursday at 21.00 CET!

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