EXCLUSIVE: The Greek delegation is ready for Turin | All the latest information!

The Greek delegation for Eurovision 2022 is all set. All pending issues have been resolved and now the team is ready to present what they have been preparing for months on the stage of Pala Olimpico.

Fokas Evagelinos and Celia Kritharioti full of surprises

According to our exclusive information, the rehearsals with Fokas Evagelinos have been completed. The experienced director has prepared for this year’s competition something completely different from his previous works, something he is really proud of. Fokas Evagelinos has built the three-minute stage version of Die Together second by second. Amanda, as we were informed, cooperated very well and responded perfectly to the role that Fokas Evagelinos created for her.

The leds that we will see in the Greek performance, were completed the previous days by a foreign company and impressed the Greek artistic team, since they 100% “match” with the song, but also with the idea of the stage presentation.

What Fokas Evagelinos has prepared this year for the stage of the competition, does not aim to impress the viewer at any point during the three minutes of the performance, but to keep everyone’s eyes fixed on the whole duration of the performance of Die Together. To make sure the viewer is left with a feeling of being impressed by the whole thing and not by an estanée.

What we can also reveal you is that what Amanda will be called upon to accomplish, especially in the first part of the song, is something that is not easy at all. But Fokas Evagelinos, having proven that he can bring out the strong side of any artist (experienced or inexperienced), has built with Amanda a special performance that will move and impress the viewers. Amanda herself will play a central role in the presentation, but so will also the leds, camera-work and various surprises on stage.

The outfit chosen by Fokas Evagelinos together with Celia Khritharioti, is a shade of white, but with a fabric that makes it special and is used for the first time in the competition. It is Amanda’s style, of course, but it is also perfectly suited for Eurovision and the idea of the Greek stage presentation.

Optimism for the final result from ERT and the Dream Team

The production team and ERT are completely satisfied with the whole preparation. They are confident both for Amanda’s vocal prowess (this was also proven in the live on tape), but also for what Fokas has prepared for the stage of the competition. For the first time since 2009, Greece arrives at the rehearsals being 7th in the odds, which makes all those involved in the participation happy, believing that they will be in the top 10 of the scoreboard for the second consecutive year. The goal of course always remains the best possible outcome – and as they say, “the higher the better”!

Having avoided all the promo parties, the Greek delegation hopes to impress on the stage of the competition and steal the show. It is also known that the Dream Team keeps its cards close to its chest until the end. This is exactly the same tactics they are following this year.

With a different approach from Fokas Evagelinos, but also with Amanda as we have probably never seen before, the Greek delegation is now packing its bags for Turin, and the first rehearsal on Sunday 1 May!

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