Georgia: Second place is the goal for Circus Mircus!

On the last episode of Euro Trip’s podcast was Circus Mircus invited, Georgia’s representatives for Eurovision Song Contest 2022.

In an interview with presenter James Rowe, the band talked about their goal in the year’s contest and the country that they are sure is going to take this year’s trophy. More specific, the group mentioned:

Second place is the goal, our country would not be able to accomodate Eurovision, because it is a lot of money involved. People know Georgia is not the wealthiest country in the world.

We believe Ukraine will definitely get the first place.

Georgia is going to perform 5th at the second Semi Final, fighting for a ticket in the big Grand Final on Saturday. You can listen to their song “Lock me in” below:

Could Georgia be the dark horse in this year’s race? Circus Mircus think they can! Stay tuned for all the Eurovision news.

Source: The Euro Trip Podcast


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