Interesting information about the stage presentation of some participations?

A number of interesting information is given by a user on Wiwibloggs. Of course, we are not able to know if everything that user says is true. However, because everything he supports about the Greek participation and the direction of Fokas Evangelinos are based, we decided to publish this information, telling you to always read carefully what follows, as they are not fully confirmed.

Initially, this user refers to the participation of the United Kingdom, saying that although he believes that this year the country will do much better than we are used to, Sam Ryder will not win, since the stage presentation of Space Man is not a winning one. He also gives a forecast saying that UK will be from the 7th to the 12th place.

As was reasonable the above raised questions to users, who ask Who am i? how he is so sure of what he mentions. Who am i? then claims that he had the opportunity to see and know some things about the stage presentation of about ten countries.

What is of particular importance for Greece is the following:

So according to what he reveals, a country that will hold its first rehearsal on May 1 and is currently in the top ten of bets, will do much better than is now expected. In addition, he advises us to be patient, since a lot will change during the rehearsals.

The countries that have rehearsals on May 1 and are in the top ten of bets are Greece and Norway. However, knowing that Norway will perform on the stage of the contest almost the same that Subwoolfer performed in the final of MGP 2022, our mind automatically goes to the Greek participation. In his next comment he makes it even more obvious that he is referring to Greece.

Finally, Who am i? says some things about Poland as well. On the one hand, he does not think that it will go as well as most people think, but also that the stage presentation is not so different from the national final.

Who am i? gives his own prediction of the final winner of the competition, which he considers to be one of the women’s ballads, without specifying here which one he has in mind.

Are they just speculations? Are opinions based on data he knows? In very few days we will know. However, the truth in his words that we can also confirm, is that the stage presentation of the Greek participation is the telling of a story that will really move.

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