Italy: Listen to the new version of “Brividi”!

We have already informed you that Brividi will undergo changes in order to meet the 3-minute regulation of the EBU. This tactic has been done many times in the past for Sanremo’s winning songs!

The Italian delegation chose to shorten the final chorus of the song by four verses, to ensure that the song now meets the rules of the competition.

It now appears that the three-minute version of the song has been uploaded on the YouTube platform.

You can listen to “Brividi” below:

Now the last refrain has been formed as it follows:

Nudo con i brividi
a volte non so esprimermi
e ti vorrei amare, ma sbaglio semper
e mi vengeno i brividi, brividi, brividi.


We remind you that Mahmood & Blanco will perform”Brividi” 9th, in the Grand Final on May 14th.

Stay tuned to EurovisionFun for all the updates regardin the italian delegation, on the way to Turin!

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