Lithuania: Monika Liu’s performance was impossible to be staged as expected!

The rehearsals of Eurovision 2022 started with many problems. Already, difficulties with the stage’s sun seem to be facing this year’s event in Turin, since the structures that make up the stage cannot move as a whole, based on Cinguetterai. Instead, they can move in a quite reduced manner due to a mechanical failure.

In addition, as you were informed, the stand-in rehearsals were carried out with many difficulties and several delegations expressed their dissatisfaction with the material they received from the rehearsal of their participation. The technical issues to which the delegations were referring may therefore include the malfunction of the sun construction.

On top of all the above, there are also problems in the countries where they are rehearsing today. There were technical and sound problems for the Latvians in the second run of their first technical rehearsal. On the other hand, this morning, the leader of the Lithuanian Eurovision delegation told LRT (Lithuanian public broadcaster) that they are no longer able to make Monika Liu’s Eurovision performance as expected.

In particular, they revealed that they were informed this morning that they can no longer put on Monika’s show as expected, saying:

What we have planned, we will not see on the Eurovision stage.

The exact elements of the Lithuanian stage performance that had to be discarded have not been revealed. The required change in scenery is speculated to be related to the kinetic sun issues reported this morning by La Stampa.

Read all about what happened at the first rehearsal in Lithuania, unfortunately with several problems, here.

Lithuania’s second rehearsal will take place on Wednesday 4/5 so we’ll have a better idea of what we’ll see from Monika Liu on the competition stage.

Monika Liu is competing in third place in the first semi-final on May 10, with the song “Sentimentai“.

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Source: LRT

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