Mahmood: “If I could help Ukraine win, I would do it”!

Mahmood gave a very interesting interview to Corriere della Sera. The artist, who will be on the stage of Eurovision for the second time, spoke about the chances of Italy for a consecutive victory, the participation of Achille Lauro with San Marino and the possible victory of Ukraine in this year’s competition.

Mahmood considers an impossible back-to-back victory of Italy in Eurovision impossible and compares it with the failure of the national football team to qualify for the finals of the Mundial, after winning Euro 2020.

It is impossible for Italy to win for two consecutive years; even with football it went like this: in 2020 the victory and this year the exclusion.

The popular singer would like Ukraine to be the winner, saying that he would do everything in his power to win the Kalush Orchestra.

If it could help in any way, I would make Ukraine win, twenty Eurovisions could never be worth what is happening in this country.

Commenting on Achile Lauro, Mahmood echoed Blanco’s statements, saying he had not participated in Eurovision again with any country other than Italy.

I like this piece more than the one Lauro competed with at the San Remo Festival. I’m happy to be back in this scene for Italy, even though I thought it would never happen again after I went to the competition with Soldi two years ago.

Mahmood returns to the Eurovision stage with Blanco, with the song Brividi:

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