Norway: Amanda Georgiadi Tenfjord Wins Adresse Torino Show Two!

Greece was the winner of the second show of the Norwegian TV show about Eurovision, Adresse Torino.

The points of this evening were determined by a celebrity panel of juries and a public panel of juries. On the celebrity panel for the show consisted of Sandeep Singh, Ingeborg Heldal, Staysman and Kevin Vågenes. The public jury consisted of Jim Ødegård Pedersen, Fredrik Holth, Linn Seime Thistel, Frøya Fluge.

The results were as follows:

  1. Greece – 83 points
  2. Sweden – 82 points
  3. Albania – 71 points
  4. Lithuania – 71 points
  5. Portugal – 62 points
  6. Poland – 46 points
  7. North Macedonia – 38 points
  8. Georgia – 27 points
  9. Bulgaria – 16 points

Adresse Torino’s next episode is on Friday at 20:05 CET with the panel assessing the songs from Israel, Netherlands, San Marino, Azerbaijan, Romania, Montenegro, Cyprus, Iceland, Austria and the United Kingdom.

You can watch the show on the NRK Player here.


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