The hosts test the lights and LEDs on the stage for the Greek entry ! (video)

A small video was released on social media, where the organizers are testing the lights and LEDs that will be used in the Greek entry.

As it seems the scene is complete and the hosts are now doing the first rehearsals. Next week the stand in rehearsals will take place, which will be sent to the participating broadcasters, in order to have a first idea how it will show on TV, everything they have prepared for the Eurovision stage.

Although you can not understand much, about the importance of being essentially the first video where Die Together is heard inside the Pala Olimpico, watch the video below:

The video was uploaded to his personal Instagram account by Nicola Orciuoli, RAI cameraman, who will be apparently one of the cameramen of the contest.

We remind you, as we have already mentioned in Eurovisionfun, that the Greek delegation is ready for the competition. Everything that will be needed for their stage appearance is in Turin for days now, while the LEDs created by a foreign company have been delivered to the hosts.

You can see more information about Amanda’s stage appearance in our previous article.

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