Ukraine: Kalush Orchestra film their postcard in Israel!

Having special permission from the Ukrainian government, Kalush Orchestra started the promotion of their song abroad. First stop is Israel, in the special Eurovision Party called, Israel Calling. Taking advantage of this trip, the group decided to film the postcard for their participation, that is shown before their performance in the semi-final, and hopefully the Final.

With the help of the Jewish Agency for Israel, Kalush Orchestra traveled from Ukraine to Tel Aviv, to perform in Israel Calling, but also to film their postcard.

The group met up with Ukrainian refugees in Israel, singing them what else but “Stefania”, the song that will represent Ukraine in Eurovision 2022.

Kalush Orchestra reunited a few days ago in Lviv, singing in “Stefania” in the roads of the town. The song that is devoted to mothers, has become an hymn to all Ukrainians, in this battle against the Russian invasion.

Ukraine will participate normally in Eurovision 2022, with Kalush Orchestra performing live on stage their song, despite all the possible scenarios emerging in the previous days. Less than a month before the rehearsals, Ukraine is still the favorite to win the 66th Eurovision Song Contest, according to the betting odds.

Stay tuned on Eurovisionfun for all the news regarding the Ukrainian participation at the Eurovision Song Contest 2022 in Turin, Italy!

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