Alexander Rybak mixes Amanda Tenfjord’s “Die Together” with “Fairytale”!

Alexander Rybak posted a TikTok video, with “Die Together” while on the same time he plays in his violin his song “Fairytale”,  with which he won Eurovision 2009.

@alexrybakofficial @Amanda Georgiadis Tenfjord🌟 one of my favorite Eurovision songs!🥰 Who will you vote for?🤓 #eurovision #fairytale #dietogether #alexanderrybak ♬ original sound – Alexander Rybak

Amanda Tenfjord’s support from Norway is really impressive. Watch what an interviewer of their public TV says about her:

Subwoolfer, Norway’s representative for Eurovision 2022, uploaded a video parody of the Greek music video, promoting “Die Together” from their perspective:

@subwoolfer We were born together. We will die together. But not for a few more million years at least. @Eurovision #greece #amandatenfjord #subwoolfer #subcubs #crouchinggreekhiddennorwegian ♬ original sound – Subwoolfer

Watch all the interviews of the Turquoise Carpet HERE.

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